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I invite all people in the site devoted to Anna Netrebko. Read the news, look in the library, look the photos, leaf over the journal. Let’s people who so far have listen little about Anna, will know more about this great singer, splendid actress, interesting person and the most beautiful woman. Let’s they will know about Anna Netrebko and will love her.
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Netrebko. Women who sings
Monday, 14 December 2015 12:30

In the December issue of the magazine L'OFFICIEL published an article entitled "The woman who sings." The author - Ksenia Sobchak spoke to a diva on the eve of her wedding in Vienna.
We offer readers the full text of the interview.

The woman who sings.

Photos Mato Johannik; Style Elena Bessonova; Text Ksenia Sobchak.

The name of soprano Anna Netrebko is strongly associated resurgence of interest in the art of opera in general. The most expensive classical singer world, new Callas, for someone it - the goddess of the stadium: nothing human is alien to Anna, even the song of Igor Krutoy. Those who know the singer close, mark it with an unbelievable by today's hypocritical times naturalness, sincerity, benevolence and continued south Russian hospitality. In an interview with Ksenia Sobchak  Anna told about the disease's son Thiago, why separated from the child's father bass baritone Erwin Schrott, and about why marries tenor Yusif Aivazova. And, of course, about the importance of being a great singer: you have the right to refuse the work, if participation in which is contrary to ethical and aesthetic principles. For Anna Netrebko is not empty words.

Ksenia Sobchak: Anna, you have a wedding soon, quite unexpected, even for those who closely follow your life. How it all happened, in which the evening?

Anna Netrebko: Two years ago, here at the same time, autumn, dank, I sat there and thought: no one more than me it is necessary, I'm so tired of all, I want nothing more. I have for many years. I was thinking at that age do not even fall in love. And suddenly there was Yusuf. He's so good, such a family man, and I'm with him, and ask myself: how come so that you lived a long time without anybody - he's also put the final. We worked together in Rome, Riccardo Muti over the "Manon Lescaut". For me was a great honor to him the first time to act. So I came with a completely unlearned party. I go out on stage, and there is a large wardrobe. And singing such a beautiful, strong voice. We started to rehearse. That's all. Although at first I was very afraid of Yusuf, I escaped. And I tried to seduce him. She was very persistent, sometimes with irritation right thought, again, in any way - but what is! Well, then still he surrendered. We immediately began to live together. He was nobody, he was living in Milan sixteen years with his brother and his family. Rather, it is they all lived in his apartment. And he cared about them, care for them, for their children. I, too, lived alone. Erwin was not my husband, we have been with him the so-called partnership.

KS: So now you have the first marriage? Not scary?

AN: It is terrible. But you can try. I have always been against marriage, family, children. But after 35 I'm tired of living for themselves. I wanted a child, I wanted to have someone else to whom I gave my love. So it turned out Thiago. Here's how one person can live all your life for me is the question. But I hope to live it with Yusif. He immediately made an offer, he said: I would like you to marry me, I want your children. By the way, I, unfortunately, is not pregnant, contrary to rumors. It's just that I ate well on the plane, and stomach have fitted dress. We try very hard to have a child, but not yet obtained. Maybe I already passed the age, I do not know.

KS: Yeah, okay, you're still a young woman!

AN: Well, for some reason does not leave. We are already trying year. And so, and that. I do not understand. He's healthy, I'm healthy.

KS: We are now also trying to year, and to no avail. Get!

AN: Time is running out something. Gemini I do not pull. But somebody one - would be happy.

KS: How is preparing for the wedding?

AN: Oh, that's all the questions to the groom. He engaged all. Azeris clearly know how everything should be. Their wedding - the most important event in the life. I'd had my way, all done without the wedding, but Yousif is very important. I know it was possible to reach an agreement with Belvedere. Guests will be two hundred people. Naturally, Kirkorov come, Cool and his wife. We invited Placido Domingo, Valery Gergiev, but it is unlikely to be able to: December 29 - is the high season for the conductor. Dress sews Russian designer from Vienna Irina Vityaz. At the Moscow concert with Hvorostovsky I was in her dress - remember, the blue with a bow? ... I have a big chest, so the finished dress to find extremely difficult. Is that Oscar de la Renta ... And Ira knows what to do with a corset. And the fabric she is always very nice. The dress will be white, but not quite white, and such pearly. Well decorations Chopard, of course, will be: it seems they want to make me a tiara. Hair will not loose and collected. Unfortunately, I do not go simple things. I need something such. You should have seen my wardrobe! There are mixed it all! I am totally moved away from the classical style. It bothered me. But most of all weary same way that I myself also, and came up.

KS: Yes, I was warned that the opera diva - Anna Netrebko, Anna Netrebko and in life - is quite another, emotional and simple man.

AN: What are the right words!

KS: How do you deal with the gap between the Kuban woman who flashy clothes and bright interior and classical singer, working with highly spiritual matter?

AN: Xenia, and it is possible on "you"? .. My answer is this: when I go to the theater, in the work I'm a completely different person.

KS: You think the number one singer in the world ...

AN: Uh-uh, no, you can not say. Talented people very much. And the great singers too. There are dozens of others who sing better than I do that I can not sing.

KS: Nevertheless, it drives up the price of your name on the tickets to astronomical heights, adding speculators cash.

AN: Yes, it is, unfortunately, true. I think this is due to the fact that I know very well what I'm doing, so I give myself a hundred percent roles. Energy I have a pretty strong voice, thanks to the expansion of the chest, became quite large, it is very well heard. In short, I'm responsible for its quality. And I pick on myself, of course.

KS: You have a good income?

AN: Yes, I earn well. But it's mostly money from concerts. Fifty, a hundred thousand for the party in the theater - it's a lie. In the theater, I have the highest bid, yes, but it is not even close to approaching that amount. With her I pay fifty percent tax and the commission of the same pay her stay at the hotel. After these deductions is modest sum, which would be hardly enough for my "lifestyle." Moreover, whenever I come to Russia, I begin to fight for justice, I say: please do not sell me tickets for a lot of money, especially since my fee from this does not rise. I want to sing for ordinary Petersburgers. You think you ever listened to me? Never! They sell tickets at that price, I can not even invite their friends, trying to push his teacher on strapontin.

KS: Anna Netrebko never sang at the Bolshoi Theatre. Why?

AN: Do not develop. But now it should have: for the next season is scheduled production of "Manon Lescaut" with my participation and Yusif. I am deeply honored to speak at this stage.

KS: Your unique voice is suitable for Italian opera, and Russian. You do what I enjoy?

AN: Russian I do not have much. Tchaikovsky, I generally start to execute only a few years ago, I have only the voice matured to the point. Before that, I had a light soprano. And it does not fit the Russian music. And following my new role - Wagner. There's a strong orchestra, large musical line. This is not "The Elixir of Love", a skinny singer died. "Lohengrin" - only, perhaps, Wagnerian opera, which I can not sing.

KS: Have you no fear of losing his voice?
AN: No, I'm not afraid of it, but, of course, know what can happen when something will happen. We must be ready for anything. Occupation - not the most important thing in my life. I have a lot of other things and interests, it seems to me, it saves me. I'm not going crazy from the music.

KS: Do you superstitious? When preparing for Macbeth, probably thought that Maria Callas was at this party had broken voice.

AN: The voice of Callas went away not long after "Macbeth" and due to the fact that she lost weight.

KS: How do you keep the voice? Drink raw eggs? Cognac?

AN: Yeah, I can not keep. I try to lead a normal life.

KS: Do not drink alcohol, perhaps, a few days before the performance?

AN: I do not drink alcohol just before the show. And so ... No, there are certainly some restrictions. For example, I could not shake the press, because the press is first cut muscles, when there is no breathing. And I need to, on the contrary, they relax, that was a big breath. Actually, I have some constant feeling of fatigue. Apparently, I feel the age. But it is not like other women: Oh, there are wrinkles! - But just do not have the physical stamina of the former. And it annoys me. But I do not want any diet or weight loss. I'm comfortable in my weight in its growth. I want to be the way I am. And yes, I'm forty-four years. I hate photoshop. When relatives showed "Tattler" with my photos, they did not recognize me. Is that all? Moreover, the original pictures were so beautiful, wonderful, nothing had to be done. They took so much so cut my chin that I was a nose. I do so in the twenty-two did not look. All this, however, does not mean that I am against HLS. You will be surprised to learn how little I eat.

KS: Let's talk about important things. You are paid on loans for their apartments - New York, and one where we are now, in Vienna?

AN: No, not yet twenty-five years to pay.

KS: You wanted so much to live in Vienna?

AN: I was given an Austrian passport, and I thank them very much for this. Life became easier. Language I still have not learned to my shame, but I'll make up for today. I moved here, had a child and decided that here it is necessary to settle down here. I was first a small apartment, she remained, and then decided to buy something more. I went and watched. Then he came here and decided that I want to live here, I have no money, but I'll take the credit. So I did.

KS: There, in the apartment, all sorts of children's pieces. We see that Tiago, Tisha, as it is called, active lives. I do not want to hurt you, but I can not ask a question, especially because this topic is very relevant today. Tisha same - a child with special needs. How do you live with that?

AN: And where do I go?

KS: Well, many do not like children.

AN: What do you mean! No, you can not give up in any case! I like it in the head could not come.

KS: How did you know about the disease?

AN: I learned quite - still late, because he ... Yes, for it could not be seen. It is a normal, self-contained child. And it is not a disease, and genetic variation. And it is not clear why: I did the healthiest people in the world, and some antibiotics are almost never accepted. I also have a healthy family. Maybe by Erwin. In general, suspecting something beginning, when he was almost three years. He said little, for some things do not react. We filled out the questionnaire, and we say it's autism. I answer: What do you mean, crazy ?! What is autism? My friend has an autistic child, and the steep, that is very, very autistic. For a long time I could not put up with this idea, and now, resigned, I want to say to all the moms: as soon suspect something was wrong, it is necessary to immediately, instantly, no fear, do not hesitate to ask for help. Because in fact, they can pull out. I suffer, of course, as it should. Get to the head, neck, all the places of the life of me broke. More Erwin ... At that moment, when he learned about autism, it is so ... (Anna looking surprised and takes a deep breath. - KS) For him, it was a shock that he could not survive. He got me. And I said goodbye. Difficult person. talented, interesting. We have for some time were still together, but then I just said, all is not necessary, I myself. I still panic fly with Tishey one, although it is perfectly flying already, but I stayed here this horror that now he will start to hysteria, and I do not know what to do at passport control, people on me all look and say, "What kind of a mother so could not appease!" And I really can not. Nightmare, scary flights. And the hysteria in the park, where people almost called the police when he shouted, hitting his legs, and I had tried to drag his leg. But the fact that it grows, understands that to him that something was wrong, and here begins the rejection. At this point, it needs help. And in America, unlike Vienna, this assistance is provided. No pills, no medicine, in any case, only the games with a psychologist. They come with a bunch of games and begin to deal with them. Now here he was at the school for the second year, the student.

KS: In a normal school?

AN: No, there is no way to normal, unfortunately. I talked with one luminary autism, she says, we do not know the reasons for deviations. We Dima Hvorostovsky just sang at the Metropolitan Opera, and so at the Korean tenor, our partner, too, autistic child. A lot of them are now being born. Therefore, I repeat: do not waste your time! Initiation of therapy every four years - one in twelve - quite another. If you look at Thiago, you've never say that he is autistic. He is in perfect English reads, he adds. Smart, tidy, he removes his clothes.

KS: How did your bride accepts this situation?

AN: He loves Tisha and Tisha adores him. But we go to bed, hear the sound of heels, and with all these birds: "I want to sleep with mama and Yousif." The boom - and in bed. And the head of these birds mad, "Ingres berds." Tisha loves cartoons and fairy tales read, Baba Yaga his favorite. "Mama, Mama, I want to Baba Yaga's birthday came." They called Baba Yaga, in Krasnodar, birthday.

KS: Have you thought about what such a test?

AN: Of course. I decided that the punishment. But it is unclear why. I did not do anything, what would have to be punished. Maybe there this logic: we are you and so much good given on receive. Such flat.

KS: Did you know that are able to be provided on the productions that you do not like. Not sang Manon Lescaut at the Bavarian State Opera. Baden did not hear you in "Faust." On the "Opera Ball" Elena Obraztsova were announced and you Hvorostovsky - and also did not happen.

AN: lied, therefore they are. On my web site - mediocre site, by the way - is written where I stand, and if this show does not, then he is not scheduled. "Faust" I canceled because I have this party is not interested. In the two years since the signing of the contract, things have changed. And so honestly told. In fact, I refuse to less than others. Just about this widely trumpeted. My only fault - begins. And I very rarely get sick. So once again I tell the audience that if I canceled the show, so I'm really lay dead.

KS: But with "Manon Lescaut" in Munich was also another story.

AN: It was directed by Hans Noyenfels. He set such a nightmare, it is not connected with the music or the opera. I told him so: an old fogy, I understand that you're a legend, but Puccini - is not boots. He yelled at me, they say, it's your interpretation will not do, we have to work tomorrow. But tomorrow I will not come. He says not a word of Italian, and does not even know about the opera. And the monkey there is some, I had a monkey scratching his neck. I do not want to scratch the monkeys! In the opera "Manon Lescaut" no monkeys! So we replace "Eugene Onegin" is also quite unusual. It between Lensky and Onegin had a relationship naked cowboys danced. In short, a nightmare. The people shouted, "B-oo-oo-oo-oo!" Tatiana flared jeans, karaoke. I think if you really modern, it is necessary to do or absolutely absurd, or stylish, cool setting, with nuances. I already fed up with the black-white-gray with a red dress posing fifteen years the same thing. Already I want to say something else come up, do the least yellow. Gray, black, here the walls without end, all operas.

KS: So you want a holiday?

AN: It's - yes. I want to back the academic rags. Zeffirelli want.

KS: Artists are usually expensive all the roles. But some you can highlight?

AN: Macbeth. This is my woman. Finally I was able to be myself! There was no need to pretend.

KS: So you are so fatal?

AN: No, I'm good! But to pretend I have just Tatyana, so it is - I did not. I do Olga by nature.

KS: Anna, tell me, please, why such a serious singer, as you pop, you just love Kirkorov? Are not you afraid that this will scare your opera fans?

AN: No.

KS: And your performance at the "New Wave" with Yusif and a statement that you will write an album with Igor Krutoy, how to understand?

AN: Igor Y. invited us to record his songs. We listened to the songs are beautiful, lyrical, people like. Seven pieces have been recorded.

KS: Not only the Japanese under the windows you want the glory of the whole people?

AN: If you would like, would already took, I had plenty of offers. Large crossover - concerts and all that kind to me, frankly, is not interesting. The program of Russian songs a hundred times more expensive. But on the other hand, as is already possible to sing "O mio babbino caro!" Already in the liver is sitting. And then I came, sang a beautiful song!

KS: Who is your main opera idol?

AN: Maria Callas. Powerful phenomenon.

KS: It's nice that you called today Callas?

AN: It's a great compliment, thank you, but we will not touch Mary. Let her rest in peace ashes. Nevertheless, I am very much in her study, still listen to her records. In no case do not try to copy it, for it is the killing. It felt perfect style, know how to build a musical phrase so that the goose bumps have gone. There were also a great singer, but such as Callas, was no more.

KS: How to build your relationship with Yusif? He is a talented singer, but not a superstar like you.

AN: Believe me, starting to live with me, he knew with whom he lives. I experienced it in all respects. But it normal. I sing for twenty years, and he began very recently.

CS: Somehow promote future spouse to world fame?

AN: You have to understand one thing about Yusif any other singer. You can be a husband, brother, friend, but if you do not have to vote if you can not sing, you do not take to the opera. Now Yusif debut at the Metropolitan Opera. This happened without me, and I wait with great excitement that happens. His voice is very rare for tenors, the mighty flying.

CS: Let's Behold the day of your wedding, the time of vows. What do you promise to his wife?

AN: What a mess! I have not thought of! I do not cry very much love. I do not recognize the special. But surely will! I have won a good favorite. Why do I need someone else? .. Unlike Tatiana, I could never be with the unloved man! Could not even just to sleep with a man who I did not like. So I can be, and did not understand women who live with the unloved man. Apparently, so I was afraid to enter into relations for a long time. I was afraid that a sudden fall out of love ... and everything. And I can not live then. I can not lie. Here. In Yusif there is something very secure, positive fundamental. And he's a very clever man. It seems so soft as a teddy bear, but he's a very good sober mind. And it is not mean-spirited. He still clearly: what is good and what is bad. He would never do meanness.

CS: Well, it's the most important thing, yes.


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Зимние фантазии
Wednesday, 18 February 2015 09:00
There are no translations available.



У зим бывают имена.
Одна из них звалась Наталья.
И было в ней мерцанье, тайна,
И холод, и голубизна.

Еленою звалась зима,
И Марфою, и Катериной.
И я порою зимней, длинной
Влюблялся и сходил с ума.

И были дни, и падал снег,
Как теплый пух зимы туманной.
А эту зиму звали Анной,
Она была прекрасней всех.
Anna will be singing at the Bolshoi Theatre !
Thursday, 15 May 2014 19:34

As reported May 15 Austrian source Salzburger Nachrichten, Anna Netrebko will sing for the first time at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow October 28, 2014. This historic event will occur within the Opera Ball in honor of the 75th anniversary of the prima donna of the Bolshoi Theatre Elena Obraztsova.
News announced on Monday General Director of the Bolshoi Theater Vladimir Urin.

Vienna Opera at home
Saturday, 10 May 2014 06:10

Vienna State Opera this week begins an internet broadcast their performances in the standard Ultra High Definition (UHDTV), said on Monday the theater.
Vienna Opera began a program of paid Internet broadcasts in October 2013 , but to date performances transmitted in HD. From Verdi's " Nabucco " 7 May with famous artist Placido Domingo broadcast will be available in the format of Ultra High Definition - 3840h2160 pixels . Price for "tickets" purchased through the website remains the same - 14 euros -per-view .
Link to website - http://www.staatsoperlive.com/en/
"Standard Ultra High Definition is a response to the demand for all larger screens that require more high resolution . Broadcast" Nabucco "in the standard UHD will be a historic milestone on the road to a new television experience " - are reported to the theater the words of President of the Austrian branch of Samsung Cho Seong Electronics . The company is a partner in the project of the Vienna Opera broadcasts .
At the same time , you can broadcast will continue to look at the screens of conventional Internet-connected televisions and computers with the transfer of subtitles in the "second screen" - the tablet or smart phone , pointed in the theater.

What is it: a sensation, or ...?
Thursday, 13 March 2014 05:38

Sensational news website readers learned CLASSIC FM.

Anna Netrebko engaged to tenor?

11th March 2014, 13:47
Anna Netrebko's partner, fellow opera singer Yusif Eyvazov, has announced his engagement to soprano Anna Netrebko via Facebook.
Eyvazov, who originates from Baku in Azerbaijan, changed his relationship status to 'Engaged' on Sunday.
News of the engagement, as yet unconfirmed by soprano Netrebko, comes just months after she separated from her previous husband, baritone Erwin Schrott.
Facebook commenters on the public post have been supportive, but Facebook commenters on the public post have been supportive, but there was a warning amongst the well-wishing from one user: "Listen, man, we cheer for you two, but you gotta take very good care of our dear Anna - basically fulfill [sic] her every wish - or else!"
Eyvazov is an accomplished operatic tenor, having studied at the Baku Music Academy and undertaken leading roles in Milan's Teatro Verdi and also at the Bolshoi Theatre.

News from Anna Netrebko
Monday, 03 March 2014 16:42

The past week was marked by two news from Anna Netrebko.
February 27 at Opera in Rome, she first sang the part
Manon in the opera  G.Puccini "Manon Lescaut." Anna almost simultaneously announced the cancellation of its participation in Gounod's opera "Faust" in three theaters - Covent Garden in London, Vienna Staatopere and Festspielhaus in Baden-Baden.
These are the polar news, the news with a plus-minus.


"I have occupied myself intensively with the game and have come to very severe and painful for me deciding that it not right for me ," said justified Anna Netrebko their decision, but not the role of Marguerite in Gounod's " Faust" to take over. Netrebko should have given her debut in London in April , in Baden-Baden in June, and the 2nd, 5th and May 10, it would have been heard in Vienna. Sonya Yoncheva a jump .

( "Die Presse" , 01/03/2014 )

Anna Netrebko in Sochi
Saturday, 08 February 2014 08:05

Before offering their "hot" note to readers , I want to warn you that it does not report on the performance of Anna Netrebko in Sochi. It's just not in time still cool emotions from what you see from the next , but an unusual meeting with Anna. Them, their emotions , I want to share with your readers , with fans Russian miracle - Anna Netrebko .


It is finished ! Anna Netrebko has taken part in a bright, memorable performance - the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi!
From the old days as Anna already announced its decision to participate in the historic event , the thought of it did not come out of my head . I fought in two senses : one - a sense of pride for Anna , a foretaste of the pleasure of seeing her at the global sports forum and realize that the whole world will see Anna . Other - this feeling of anxiety for what Anna will be singing at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics , and, therefore , in the cold, in the cold wind . In front of my eyes involuntarily picture : Anna in a fur coat with a scarf knotted around his neck , in a fur cap sings , her voice is carried over frozen Sochi valley flies in February crackling frost. As it was not worried about Anna , her health , for her unique , fabulous voice !
And welcome - happened! Was a miracle ! Was in the climax of the brightest holiday , when Russian President declared open the Olympics , and the whole world heard the Olympic hymn - a hymn performed by Anna Netrebko !

At this point, all my worries flew away ! On a night in the unique atmosphere of the holiday could not be thought of anxiety ! At the epicenter of world events on the platform at the rising of the Olympic flag and sang the national anthem was Anna Netrebko Olympics . Here, on the windswept sports arena , heat clad among the public, she was not wearing any coat or warm scarf. The whole world saw Anna Netrebko in the lung , if not air light green dress with bare shoulders and arms . Global megastar not just challenged the February cold, she simply did not notice a king , did not pay any attention to him .
Sochi and the celebration was held , and concern for Anna will certainly return . Waiting for her extraordinarily rich program for the entire upcoming season ! And really do not want to the Sochi heroic performance had a negative impact on her health and voice. Because very soon she will be London, then Vienna , Munich, Baden-Baden , Salzburg ...
Presentation by Anna in Sochi had another result - for me personally.
Some time ago we with my good friend made a bet - whether Anna will arrive in Sochi , will sing at the celebration of the Olympics . My friend did not doubt that certainly will , I put that Anna did not come . At stake was a lunch in a restaurant after a performance featuring Anna .
Now I can admit it - for me it was a dispute without losing ! I won anyway. Anna will not arrive in Sochi - and I won the bet ! And do not come - I lost the argument , but it won a unique , unforgettable experience - presentation by Anna at the Olympics ! A restaurant lunch with a good friend - he will be held in any case . Often have such a bet ! If you argue that the only way!
And readers who have not seen on TV BROADCAST vacation in Sochi Olympics , I recommend to see it in writing . The holiday itself was bright, colorful, unforgettable spectacle. And in his crown , adorned with a variety of gemstones , diamond was our beautiful Anna !


Evening watching TV February 7, 2014 .

Memory Claudio Abbado
Tuesday, 21 January 2014 11:09

In Italy, died conductor Claudio Abbado - recognized master of world music .
He died on the 81 -year life in Bologna , where the house maestro. Reason for leaving the famous musical figure became prolonged illness . In recent years, advanced age and serious illness prevented Claudio Abbado to work in his usual rhythm. However , the conductor did not lose heart and remained true to the art of music .
Recall that Claudio Abbado was educated at the Milan Conservatory named Verdi, improving his skills at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts .
During the years of his career, he deservedly received recognition from the public and the professional community , has repeatedly been awarded international prizes . For a long time, Claudio Abbado was chief conductor and artistic director of the theater "La Scala" , then - Vienna State Opera. Maestro also worked closely with the London Symphony and Berlin Philharmonic orchestras.
One of the first condolences on the death of the prominent conductor Valery Gergiev and expressed collective Mariinsky Theatre.

"Maestro Abbado - our great contemporary , uncompromising and demanding musician, teacher for hundreds of novice artists who worked under his leadership , the conductor , who left us in the records of the highest examples of his work ," - says the official report of the St. Petersburg theater - "Maestro Abbado belongs to those creators who , in the words of Baudelaire, like "beacon for swimmers caught the storm ." Sincere condolences to the family , students around the music community. "

Tribute to Maestro Abbado expression also expressed by the representatives of the Vienna Opera . According to RIA Novosti , on the eve of the theater appeared mourning flag .

Film about Anna Netrebko - on Channel "Pervy" TV
Saturday, 11 January 2014 08:22

Channel "Pervy" of Russian TV viewers will present a documentary film about the megastar opera Anna Netrebko .
Recall that a similar movie called " Amazing diva Anna Netrebko " was filmed in 2007. Later, he was supplemented in December 2011 is shown on the channel "Culture".
And now - the First Channel  "Pervy", the First Channel of Russian TV. Name the new movie - "Anna Netrebko. And then I 'm out ! " .
As is clear from the published in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta " announcement , the film " promises to be interesting , because for the first time will tell about the unknown facts from the life of the queen of world opera ."
Premiere of the film on Channel held on 19 January at 17.45 .

Posted in WP ( federal issue ) N6275 on January 10, 2014


Famous Opera Singers Anna Netrebko and Erwin Schrott: End Romantic Relationship
Tuesday, 26 November 2013 17:38
NEW YORK (AP) — Opera singers Anna Netrebko and Erwin Schrott have separated.
The soprano's spokesmen issued a statement Monday saying her relationship with the bass-baritone had ended "amicably" after six years.
Netrebko cites "demanding schedules and the resulting constant time apart" as the reason for the split.
The pair have a 5-year-old son Tiago. It's not clear whether Netrebko and Schrott ever married.
She says "we treasure the time we spent together and of course remain devoted parents to our son." She adds: "We are also committed to honoring our scheduled joint professional appearances."

So, after all a scam?
Friday, 15 November 2013 19:42


Dozens of sites vying ticket offer tickets at 120,000 rubles (3,000 euros!). Photo: RIA Novosti


It is incomprehensible and very sad. It looks like the December concert in Moscow Anna really was massive fraud.
Today in the Russian press, new publications on the subject.
Offering to your attention one of them - Mary Babalova article in the newspaper "Trud", we note nevertheless that the ticket agency still actively continue to offer tickets to the concert is a mirage. Along with all the events will follow. 

Attention ! Scam? ?
Thursday, 14 November 2013 13:36

14.11.2013 13:36
October 23 we put on the site appears in a number of Russian media reported early ticket sales for the concert of Anna Netrebko in Moscow , which supposedly was to be held in Moscow in the Concert Hall. Tchaikovsky.
Since then , obviously , it sold a lot of tickets , the price of which in some ticket agencies reached two thousand dollars.
It seems that in this regard in Moscow brewing scandal . Today, in some solid information agencies and print a message saying that the announced Moscow concert of Anna and selling tickets to it is a common scam .
We offer our readers a few of today's materials in this regard and hope that some of them will not be affected , if in fact the concert was released unforgivable fraud.





Feast continues!
Saturday, 09 November 2013 07:15

In the coming days, feast on the channel "MEZZO" to be continued !
The program channels:
November 9 , Saturday. 22.00 . Anna Netrebko and Daniel Barenboim . Russian evening in Berlin.
November 10 , Sunday. 16.30 . Anna Netrebko and Rolando Villazon in the theater of the Champs- Elysees.
November 11 , Monday. 19.45 . G.Donizetti . "Anna Bolena " at the Metropolitan Opera .
November 12 , Tuesday. 20.00 . V.Bellini . " I Puritani " at the Metropolitan Opera .
November 13 , Wednesday. 20.00 . G.Donizetti . "Don Pasquale " at the Metropolitan Opera .
In the program indicated Moscow .
It is as if their broadcast channel "MEZZO" offered fans of Anna Netrebko as compensation for its inaccessible to many a concert in Moscow December with tickets costing two thousand dollars.
Thank channel "MEZZO"!
Look, listen , enjoy.

On the channel "MEZZO" - Anna Netrebko !
Friday, 08 November 2013 19:12

The Russian television broadcast - typhoon gust event!
Event unexpected , unbelievable , but - apparently !
On TV "MEZZO" - a real feast for fans of Anna Netrebko.
And let this channel - not Russian , but French , even if it is not available to everyone, but perhaps the first time the Russian viewer almost every day has the ability to see and hear Anna on TV in the records of her most famous performances and concerts.
Only last week the channel twice (! ) demonstrated record of MET C.Gounod 's operas  "Romeo et Juliette" with Anna and Alagna , "Stabat Mater" by Pergolesi from the Dresden Cathedral with Pizzolato, the Parisian concert with Rolando Villazon, a solo concert at the Berlin Philharmonic with Daniel Barenboim, yesterday, November 7, was shown "Anna Bolena" from the Metropolitan Opera, and today, November 8, at 20.00 Moscow time, can be seen again on the stage of the MET memorable staging V.Bellini "I Puritani".
Look, listen, enjoy !
And thanks to TV channel "MEZZO"!

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